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Battery Monitoring System

Product Series Power Input (V)   Output (V) Features
Battery Monitoring System
Battery Monitoring System   ♦ Continuous monitoring of battery installation with real-time and historic data and alarm display.
♦ Integration with existing Modbus/SNMP facility management systems.
♦ Battery event and life trend report generation.
♦ Automated alarm notification via email or SMS
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 Battery Monitoring System-Q001218.pdf

Product Series Power Input (V)   Output (V) Features
VIDI BM N/A 19-280VDC   ♦ 4 block voltage measurements
♦ System voltage measurement
♦ Battery current measurement
♦ 2 configurable alarm inputs
♦ Operating voltage range 19-280VDC
♦ Digital communication over CAN-bus with VIDI controller
♦ Designed for use with Efore charging systems
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