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Building Management & Emergency Lighting

Helios Power Solutions designed, manufactured and supplied a custom built security cabinet with alarms for New Zealands major banks incliuding The National Bank and BNZ. The SR250E smartcharger was used to provide battery back-up for CCTV cameras and alarm systems on banking premises.
Banking Security System Project
Description: This project involved a purpose built security cabinet which can be seen to the left. Helios Power Solutions has provided these systems for many major banking corporations, including The National Bank and BNZ in New Zealand. 
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions designed, manufactured and supplied the security cabinet with alarms included for identifying mains failure and low DC voltage, using our own SR250E Smartcharger. The Smartcharger provided battery back-up for CCTV cameras and alarm systems on banking premises. The batteries for power back-up were housed in the bottom of the cabinet, just below the Smartcharger.
Emergency Lighting Systems Projects
Description: This project involved the supply of emergency lighting in a wood panelling plant. The plant had existing 24-volt emergency lights fitted, but needed a new emergency lighting system to power them all.
Any 24-hr operations workplace must have emergency backup lighting and Helios Power Solutions products are essential to powering this backup lighting. The purpose of the system was to maintain the batteries in a charged state for the operation of emergency lighting, in the event of a power failure.

Helios Power Solutions Contribution:
Helios Power Solutions designed, manufactured and supplied one single system which housed a charger that was used for the mains fail detection systems, to power the light contactors and also to charge the batteries.
Mains fail and low battery alarms also came with the unit, along with a timing circuit for performing regular tests of the lighting circuits.
Helios Power Solutions SR250D24XL float charger power supply unit was used and the cabinet had room for 2 back up batteries in the bottom section. This unit also incorporated a test system to ensure that the lamp fixtures operated correctly, ensuring the backup lighting would work when needed. The front panel came complete with a meter to indicate charge current and battery voltage, all of this housed in the one tidy enclosure.
Omaha Beach Meerkat Tsunami Siren
Seen to the left is the Meerkat Tsunami Siren
that Helios Power Solutions took part in designing at Omaha Beach.

Helios Power Solutions Contribution:
Meerkat choose to use our SR100A power supply/float charger.

Also seen below are pictures of the
control box ‘innards’ showing the power supply.

Battery charger and controls for emergency lighting system using SR250D24XL   float charger.
Mains fail and battery low alarms are provided along with a timing circuit for performing regular tests of the lighting circuits.

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