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IT & Telecommunication

Cisco Router Project

 Helios Power Solutions was enlisted to design a backup DC DC converter for Cisco routers. Our IEXT Cisco converter was key to their site security system, allowing them to monitor security from remote locations, in real time.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions designed, manufactured and supplied over 900 of these IEXT Cisco DC DC converters over a 1 year period. This was designed internally and a prototype was produced that was passed on to Telecom for approval and signoff. This was one of the more larger projects that Helios Power Solutions has undertaken and one that was very successful for all parties involved. 
IBM Cloud Computing System Project
Disaster Recovery

 Helios Power Solutions worked with Schneider Electric to produce for IBM a large racking system which made up an essential component in their building management system. 
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: The system we designed was a battery backed power supply for maintaining the IBM's building management system. This unit was going to allow IBM to implement SNMP (remote communications to our power supply).
Radio Base Station PSU's
The IEICT Base Station Series provides a sleek, mobile radio base station. These covers are individually customized to fit various radio models. They may be purchased separately or as a Complete Base Station (power supply assembled with cover).
  • Attractive Finish
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek Profile
  • Easy To Install
  • Also Sold Separately
Schaefer 22kV Switchgear Control in Powerplant
  • 48VDC UPS system for 22kV switchgear communication for high voltage mains power management in Hongkong
  • UPS system within a cabinet inclusive of battery equipment.  
Schaefer 15kW Power Supply for Fiber Optic Laser Application
  • Liquid cooling
  • Hermetically sealed enclosure
  • Indication of voltage and current
  • Voltage, current and temperature interfaces.  

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