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Power & Renewable Energy

Helios Power Solutions worked with Vector, Mainpower, Genesis and many other electricity retail & distribution companies designing, manufacturing and supplying reticulated DC Supply from 110V - 24V DC for their Scada Remote Terminal Units. 99% of all substations in New Zealand use Helios Power Solutions No-Break DC Uninterrupted Power Supply Units.
Substations Reticulated Supply Projects
Description: Helios Power Solutions works with Vector, MainPower, Genesis and all other main electricity distribution companies throughout New Zealand, providing reticulated DC supply from 110 to 24 volts DC for their Scada remote terminal units.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: These series of projects essentially involve the design, manufacture and supply of a common communication system for transmitting between substations and a control office. Helios Power Solutions own manufactured products are essential to this process, with 90% of power companies in NZ using our No-Break DC UPS systems.

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Helios Power Solutions designed, manufactured and supplied the DC UPS Systems for the control equipment in the wind turbines and also supplied the battery backup system.
New Zealand Windfarms Project

New Zealand Windfarms core business is involved with the development, operation and ownership of renewable energy windfarms throughout New Zealand. It was Helios Power Solutions goal in this project to assist NZ Windfarms continue to provide economic benefits to local NZ communities and assist in the efficient generation of electricity.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions supplied the battery backup equipment (DC UPS Systems) for the control equipment within the wind flow turbine. The blades power the turbines that generate power, with Helios Power Solutions designing, manufacturing and supplying the power supply systems to not only power the intricate electrical systems used within the turbine, but also the battery backup to ensure continuation of that supply during a loss of mains supply.
Turning on the Lights in Bangladesh
Description: Helios Power Solutions teamed up with Abbey Systems, the prominent Wellington technology company, who were recently awarded a $6.1 million contract to supply equipment and software for monitoring and control of 34 substations in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: 
Utilising highly innovative New Zealand developed and manufactured technology, Abbey Systems has come up with a product which can compete internationally. Over 70% of the content will be NZ made products, included in this will be the Helios Power Solutions SR250C No-Break DC charger, used in a parallel redundant configuration with dual back up batteries.
Helios Power Solutions worked with Abbey Systems to roll out a 6.1million dollar contract to monitor and control 34 electricity substations in Bangladesh. Helios Power Solutions SR250C No-Break DC Charger was used in a parallel redundant configuration with dual back-up batteries. 

Schaefer N+2 UPS System
  • Configured both dual redundant & fault tolerant
  • Supplied from multiple independent DC and an AC source
  • Both automatically and manually operational by-pass system
  • Integrated & isolated AC by-pass
  • The indication panel reflects the operational status, while multiple stage monitoring is both locally and remotely communicated.  
Schaefer Power Supply Modules for Substations
  • Fault tolerant power configuration
  • Automated interrupt free by-pass operation
  • Stabilized load feed
  • Expandable to multiple redundant design
  • Hot-pluggable
  • Multiple mechanical solutions and styles.
Schaefer Battery Charger Systems for Power Generation Industry
  • Input: 230VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 48VDC, 40A  38 cells NiCd  
  • With battery monitoring
  • Indication of voltage and current via LED
  • Highly demanding environment. 
Schaefer Electronic Static Switch for Critical Sub Station Application
  • Configured both dual redundant & fault tolerant
  • Supplied from multiple independent DC and AC sources
  • Both automatically and manually operational bypass system; N+2 design
  • Integrated & isolated AC bypass.
Schaefer 200kW DC Power Network
  • 110VDC Power Supply System
  • Dual 800 A configuration
  • Fully operational up to 55°Cr
  • IP42. 


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