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Serial and Ethernet Communications

Helios Power Solutions Protocols and OSI Layers

OSI Layers

Innovative Energies OSI Model is a standard or reference model for how messages should be transmitted between any two points in a telecommunications network. It's purpose is to act as a guide so that communications products will consistently work with each other.


Innovative Energies Proprietry ASCII Code is used within all our power supplies except for LAN+, which uses SNMP.




ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASCII protocol is present in all the power supplies and resides in the Presentation Layer of the OSI Layer Model. ASCII is used within the RS232, RS485 and the LAN units of Helios Power Solutions Power Supplies.
Helios Power Solutions uses MODBUS messaging protocol, with MODBUS Converters designed to be used with all Innovative Energies power supplies fitted with RS485 ports. Our LAN+ models use the newest SNMP messaging protocol, coming with it's own built in operating system to effectively monitor and control the power supplies.
MODBUS is an application layer messaging protocol, with converters, designed to be used with all Helios Power Solutions Power Supplies that are fitted with RS485 ports. They can be connected using a serial or an Ethernet connection.
Helios Power Solutions uses the latest SNMP (simple network management protocol) messaging protocol on it's LAN+ range of power supplies. SNMP enables users to effectively monitor and control their power supplies, even remotely.
SNMP is now being implemented in the Helios Power Solutions Power Supplies. SNMP is a application layer protocol.
This enables users to monitor and control the power supplies and batteries, and be notified with the status of the system via email, pagers or mobile phones, etc.

Helios Power Solutions has designed a communications map to better understand the relationship between different communication enabled units and their messaging protocol.



Click to enlarge image



Helios Power Solutions can be configured using a RS232 or RS485 serial connection.
Serial communication happens at the physical layer of the OSI Layer.

Ethernet communication is also an optional feature of Helios Power Solutions power supplies. Access to the power supply operating parameters is achieved via a LAN or remotely via the internet.

Ethernet communication also takes place at the physical layer.

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